Firm Profile

THINKTANK is a licensed architecture firm that is uniquely positioned to go beyond beautiful architectural concepts. By combining their skills as architects, land planners, and developers, with their focus on localism and reinforcing the identity of place, THINKTANK’s design ecosystem incorporates community engagement, locally sourced artisans, and consideration of environmental factors. Each project is an inspirational and joyful experience that makes you realize all projects should be contemplated in this way.


THINKTANK is dedicated to sustainable and responsible community planning. THINKTANK targets infill development projects, LEED neighborhood design, and the rehabilitation of existing structures. Equally committed to sustainable construction methods, THINKTANK traveled to Germany in 2015 to research a reliable source for the future of building materials. After a visit to the Derix Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) production plant in Niederkrüchten, Brian Caldwell and Erik Nelson were convinced that CLT could open the door for a new wave of sustainable design possibilities. CLT is an engineered wood panel system strong enough to replace concrete and steel in select mid and high rise projects. It is a renewable resource and a more environmentally responsible way to build than traditional methods. Wanting to test and prove that this building material is the right solution, Brian and Erik seized the opportunity to utilize CLT and mass timber construction in The Lark Hotel expansion in downtown Bozeman. The new 4-story structure is one of the first buildings in Montana to employ a pre-fabricated structure made of CLT.


AIA Citation Award for The Lark Hotel Addition, 2018
AIA Citation Award for Rialto Theater Renovation, 2018
Outstanding Achievement in Historic Preservation, Rialto Theater Renovation, 2018
AIA Jury Chairperson, Institute Honor Awards for Interior Architecture, 2018
AIA R/UDAT Sponsor + Steering Committee Members, Bozeman Northeast Neighborhood, 2017 AIA Citation Award for The Lark Hotel, 2015
AIA Excellence in Design Award for Recession Modernism, 2013
Board of Directors of Downtown Bozeman Business Improvement District, ongoing